Artist Statement


It has always been my desire to show the calming qualities of the subjects I photograph. Whether it’s a crowded Venetian canal or the waves pounding the cliffs of Point Lobos, my artistic pursuit is to provide an escape; I strive to foster a strong sense of solace through my work.

I find myself returning to locations I have photographed a multitude of times and, in most cases, doing so reveals a new, intimate detail. This sensation often feels like the inherent, often enigmatic, quality of our world disclosing itself before me.  As such, I develop a deeply personal connection, and a powerful respect for, the places I capture.

I strive for my images to express a bemused sense of awe as I follow a creative process in which I work with ephemeral elements. I feel empowered by this potential of my images to shift the attention of any given subject to reveal new aspects within the scene. This feeling is what drives my artistic ambition to continue capturing our world.